Thursday, May 13, 2010

Proposals to the prosperity of Prakkulam

Ashtamudi Backwaters Tourist Map

1. Construction of a bridge over Ashtamudi lake which will links between: Prakkulam and Anchalummoodu (via Mukkathu kadavu) OR Prakkulam and Aravila/Pallikkodi, which will later connect to the upcoming By-pass OR Prakkulam and Kavanadu kadavu (links to NH-47). One among these connection bridges will substantially benefit the progress of the village.

2. Sambranikodi, the scenic tip of Prakkulam, is the fist destination point of the Ashtamudi Backwaters Tourism. The timely and frequent maintenance of the boat jetty, and the main road which connects Prakkulam to Kanjaveli, the main township of Thrikkaruva Grama Panchayath is very essential.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Serene Sambranikodi

A view from from Sambranikodi boat jetty

Sambranikodi lies in the extreme south-western tip of Prakkulam. The daily 'kadathu' (canoe service), starts from this scenic place and ends at Kavanadu, a land shore near the National Highway (NH-47). It is one of the must-be-seen tourist spot in the Ashtamudi backwaters system and is one among the boat jetty of Kollam-Alappuzha boat Cruise This eight hour trip is the longest backwater cruise in Kerala. The daily Kollam - Alappuzha Boat service (KSWTC) starts from Kollam at 10.30 a.m and ends at 6.30 p.m. in Alappuzha, which passes through the backwaters of Ashramum, Sambranikodi, Ashtamudi, Amruthapuri, Alumkadavu, Kayamkulam lake, Thrikkunnappuzha, Thottapally, Kumarakodi, Pampa river, Kuttanadu, Karumadi etc. There are also some services like Kollam-Guhanandapuram, Kollam-Kadapuzha & Kollam- Muthiraparambu operates from the Kollam Boat jetty.

In 2008, Sambranikodi is recognized as an important place in Ashtamudi Tourist Map. The State Government has accorded administrative sanction for the Rs 5.38-crore Ashtamudi Backwaters Tourism Development Project. The project will benefit to Kollam boat jetty, Thoppilkadavu, Sambranikodi, Veerabhadra Swami Temple, Pattamthuruthu, Palliyathuruthu and Monroethuruthu.